Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quote of the Day

Direct from ESPN's Wednesday night baseball.

"What a pick up [Aramis] Ramirez was from the Pirates. If you're wondering why the Pittsburgh is struggling, just look around. [Jason] Bay in Boston, [Xavier] Nady in New York."

-Thanks, as if we didn't know. I'm sure we could find a few more for you, but we'd be wasting our time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Unpretty Dominance

Sometimes in Sunday Nights game, you have to thank stupidity when present. Romeo Crenell, we thank you for possibly being the stupidest coach Sunday. With his brain fart at the end of the 1st half and with his questionable use of all 3 time outs before the 2 minute warning in the fourth. Hell, even the possible field goal kick rather than going for the tie. It was obvious, the Browns needed 7 just to have a chance, and they never got that chance. The defense never really let them have a chance. Besides the long drive at the end of the 2nd quarter and the 90 consecutive 3rd down conversions in the 4th, the Browns had nothing to offer. Neither did the Steelers, every drive would have a string of first downs and then sputter near Cleveland territory, but they had 2 good enough ones to make it a "W". There's not even enough game play to even do a full run down, except, Crenell is reatarded, Kellen Winslow likes tattoo's, Derek Anderson never led one receiver to a ball (that'll help out the YAC stat for the Steelers defense), Al Michaels jinxed Pittsburgh by calling them the premiere crop of the AFC, it's windy, Willie Parker can flat out run, what has the offense line done? They're unreal. Big Ben likes to beat around the bush with Andrea Kraemer, Andrea Kraemer just got stood up, Ben has some sort of shoulder problem, and finally everyone on that team...still hates the Browns.

The Steeler "D" looks amazing and the offensive line is making key blocks for Willie Parker and buying time for Ben, a perfect recipe. With Philadelphia playing a mediocre, at best, St. Louis Rams in week 1. We'll have to wait to see what they do against the Cowboys on Monday Night to get an idea of what we're dealing with. Donovan McNabb has no receivers, but that didn't stop him in week 1 from throwing it all over God's creation. Brian Westbrook is still the real deal, as a check down receiver and rusher, but let's see what Dallas can do. If they can rip apart that Eagle defense via run and pass, the Steelers could be in good hands. It doesn't get any easier from here for Pittsburgh, they need to stock up on those wins once that bulk of the schedule hits.
Here We Go!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome to Heinz Field Houston, Next Please?

I can't get you much of a game recap or thoughts except, the old saying(s) goes in football.
-If you can run the football... [check]
-Defense wins championships. [check]
With operation Deep Throat's QB going down with about 9 different knee problems. The AFC is open for the Steeler's taking. And yes, they will get to see every top competitor, both NFC and AFC this season. 10-6 is not a bad record against this schedule, make the playoffs with moderate injuries and things could look bright. This week, its division play against what everyone believes is the toughest competitor the Steelers have. Well, the Cowboys ripped apart that awful defense, besides the Browns haven't beaten the Steelers in like 4 years, what difference is their now? This could be the last time you see Romeo on the sidelines against the Steelers, if things should go pathetic. And if the Steelers' defense continues to dominate, they may make the Browns look like idiots for resigning Derek Anderson. (The pride of Dublin, Ohio) Brady Quinn anyone? Sunday night, with Al and John. Who here doesn't love to hear John Madden get a boner from the Steelers defense on prime time? Or his referrals; "N-n-n-n-now here's a guy who can find the hole, and BOOM! Aah, smell that October air coming? 8:15 PM be there!

P.S. I think Willie Parker is still running, somewhere. We may need to issue an Amber Alert.

Here We Go! [ 1-0 ]

My Apologies

Sorry about the over stay on vacation, sometimes you need it. I was getting a little burnt out on this thing. I mean when your blog consists of 3 months on the Pirates, its unavoidable to get burnt out. And the Bucco's wasted no time in finishing off yet another successful season. Happy sweet 16 Bucs! You are now officially the worst baseball franchise over a 16 year stretch, EVER! There's no need to wonder why the Pirates have the 3rd worst attendance in the league. Money produces winners, winners produce money. It's simple chemistry. No one in a Pirate front office since the 1992 NLCS has felt like doing the work and risking their money. Look at the Braves, they went from being some of the worst teams in the league back in the 80's to competing in the early 90's. They spent money to keep it going (roughly $82 million a year), and they reeled off 14 straight division championships and a World Series title. Atlanta isn't a small market like Pittsburgh, but Milwaukee is and CC Sabathia isn't a cheap commodity. Cleveland's done it, St Louis, and Philadelphia too. No so much World Series titles for the Phillies, but at least they compete. There's only about 6 or 7 teams in the majors that could benefit from a salary cap in baseball, Pittsburgh one of them. All of the others are willing to spend, build, and hold onto their star players for a chance to compete. The Pirates continue to be the Red Sox, Yankees, and the rest of the MLB's farm system. This year, Jason Bay and Xavier Nady. Both were acquired as rebuilding pieces for the future. Well, when is the future ever going to get here? I thought 16 years was plenty of time to rebuild the future.

My thoughts exactly.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Sorry about the lack up updates. It's vacation time and between the Pirates pitching and Steelers offensive line, I needed one. Be back Thursday September 4th, just in time for the first kick off!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Never Say Die, or Swept

First the Reds, then the Mets. Where does it end? It's like watching Dumb and Dumber, you think you've got something material...then the unexpected. The first joke of this movie is you lose 2 of 3 to the Reds. Both clubs are depleted, but the Pirates lack the pitching to make things interesting. 2nd joke, 20.5 games out of first. Wow. 3rd joke, Aramis Ramirez is a candidate for a gold glove at 3rd base. What has the world come to?! That guy couldn't keep one out of the dirt, or the 3rd row of bleachers in Pittsburgh! Silver Slugger? Possibly, but a GOLD GLOVE?! He's right up there with the annoyance level as Manny Ramirez. Trot around the bases with that cocky step and I'll throw one at your head from the 400 section the next time I see you. 4th joke, the Pirates have a hand to determine the outcome of the Wild Card race over the next 6 days. Get out of town! First, the Cardinals, and lets all hope for another brawl including a hitting coach pointing his finger at Tony LaRussa and his tight ass pants. We all know what Tony's packing and it's not exactly worth my 10 bucks to park. Both on the road in the Gateway city. Next up, Miller Park and the Brewers. Clever team nickname! My choice would of been the "High Lifes". Vegas just issued their latest odd's on Prince Fielder's chances of starting a rumble by the 6th inning on Friday, 10 to 7. I don't question Prince's ability to hit or field, or even run (2 inside the park home runs in his career), but I do have other questions. (1) How does one become so fat when they are a declared vegetarian. (2) How bad did that tattoo hurt getting stamped on his neck. (3) Who the hell gets a tattoo on their neck? Answer: Price Fielder.
Enough about the future, lets discuss the past. First, the Reds----oh, my God. How horrible was that pitching exhibition? Actually, not that bad. Jeff Karsten's made a couple of appearances and his first was in game 1 of the Reds series. Although, he had to go up against Edison Volquez, the Reds only bright spot this season. Karstens gave up 3 runs and the offense struggled, meanwhile Tyler Yates continues to blow up. Ian Snell, got another loss...surprised?
Then came the hard stuff, Pedro Martinez and Johan Santana on back to back days. Karstens, again when 6 innings giving up 4 and Santana had his first CG of the season on a 3 hitter. Tough stuff. The only bright spot of the series was Saturday when the Mets bullpen continues to implode as the Buc's came back from 2-0 to win 5-3 with clutch hitting in the 8th. Freda Felcher anyone?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beat Down By Buffalo

1st Quarter

Steelers on the recieving end of the kickoff and Ben Roethlisberger wastes no time.

All business going 4-4 completing passes to Ward, Holmes, and Spaeth.

Brain fart alert, on a 3rd and short 7 year veteren Justin Hartig grabs too much shirt.

Next play, INT. It can go south in a hurry.

Trent Edwards shows why he should be a starter with a 23 yrd. completetion to Lee Evans.

3rd down would come up somewhere on the drive, but the Bills would convert.

Then another 3rd down, inside the 10. No stoppage, 7-0 Bills.

Roethlisberger would come back out for the 2nd drive and things would look like round 1.

Willie Parker had a 7 yard run and Ben hit Spaeth for a 16 yard completion.

3rd & 5 in Bills territory, Heath Miller does something stupid. 5 yards backwards.

No dice, incomplete. Punt it. And a good one too, to the 10 of the Bills.

James Harrison came through in the clutch with a huge sack at the 3 yard line.

2nd Quarter

3rd & 13 inside the 10 and the Bills would do it again. Trent Edwards? 23 yard run.

Then again...3rd down, Buffalo converts.

Trent Edwards to Royal for 6 and just like that 14-0 Bills.

That caps a 90 yard drive in 6:36. Bummer.

Big Ben would show himself for a 3rd drive and man did he show up.

Roethlisberger---->Hines Ward 24 yards.

Rashard Mendenhall got in on the game and poked around for a couple yards.

Pittsburgh was faced with a 3rd & 8....and then a penalty.

3rd & 13, again? Then, Roethlisberger----->Melwede Moore 14 yards.

That's a first down.

Next play, we're going downtown. Santonio Holmes, 40 yard TD reception.


Just like his days at the O-H I-O

The Bills would poke around on some runs and then JP Losman would drop back.

JP Losman, meet Aaron Smith. Sacked lunch.

The next drive for the Steelers would see Byron Leftwich for the first time.

(Disregaurd picture)

First play, Leftwich------>Nate Washington 24yards.

Leftwich would miss on a 3rd & 2 bringing up Jeff Reed.

Look at that hair!

Reed, from 42 good.

As the end of the 2nd half wound down, JP Losman, meet Lawerence Timmons.

Since we're in the pre-season, I myself am only taking a couple snaps. A first half analysis, in the way I plan on doing it for the rest of the 08-09 season. With more pictures to work with during the regular season, I'm sure to make it look smoother. Other notes to add, Roethlisberger and the offense looked sharp, but costly penalties quickly evaporated any chance of momentum. Dennis Dixon peeled off a long 47 yard TD scamper. Mendenhall continues to put up consistent numbers, with 11 touches for 30 yards and a 6 yard touchdown run. Byron Leftwich, looked lost and slow, an easy complaint for someone who has 5 days of experience with the playbook. Not to be mistaken with my thoughts of him being a nice addition as a back up. Dennis Dixon, give him a year or two, he may end up being a nice commodity and a different look for the defense should Ben fall off a tricycle again.